The European equivalent of Ethiopia.
In Romania, you're considered wealthy if your house has a roof.
by BIG BLUE BOY August 02, 2012
A country that stole Hungarian territory (Transylvania), treated Hungarian minorities like shit for nearly 90 years and even now shows its hatred towards Hungarians. For a start look at all the bullshit written by jealous Romanians on the Hungarian definition. Oh, and all those Romanians who talk about "jealous" Hungarians writing bullshit, what the hell are you doing? And actually there are no negative comments about Romania from Hungarians + why would Hungarians be jealous over Romania?

The Romanians who post bullshit about Hungary and go round beating Hungarian minorities up are just jealous that Romania is decades behind Hungary, has a hideous capital, is only an artificial country and a history only a fraction as long as Hungary
To compare Romania to Hungary is the biggest insult to Hungarians
by Zosil November 12, 2007
Romania, the poorest country in EU with 19 million Gypsies (the rest is Hungarian). Romania has lower GDP than Kazahstan and they are a desperate 3rd world country. This country has the most Gypsies in the world. Romania stole all of its territories from another nations, for example: Transylvania from Hungary, Dobrudja from Bulgaria and South Bukovina from Ukraine.

The traditions of Romanian people are goat-fucking and stealing. Romanians are so poor, they have to go abroad for beg and clean toilets.

The Romanians lead all criminal statistics in Britain, Italy and Spain, because they are lowlife Gypsies. Romania has the biggest AIDS infection rate in Europe and the worst literacy rate. They are not white people. Romanians are so poor, you can fuck a romanian bitch for 5 dollars.

Borat was filmed in Romania.
Damn, see this fucking Gypsy, he is shitting on street public!
Yeah I know him bro, he is a lowlife romanian gypsy!
by Nicolae March 12, 2008

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