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I can't believe some of the stuff written about Romania. I am actually a Romanian residing in the US. Seems to me like most of the people that talk about AIDS, Hungary, gypsies have never been abroad, never the less to Romania.

Get your facts straight, as Romania is by far one of the best places in the world where you could live and love the people of the country. I am lucky for spending 21 years of my life over there. When living in the US has actually taught me how not to take stuff for granted.

Romania still is a poor country compared to Germany, France, etc, they are just building the freeway system throughout the country, which seems like its going to take forever to finish. Their politicians are corrupt (just like anywhere in the world) only they do it in plain sight.

However as far as people, places and the 2000 year culture they had inherited from the Romans and Dacians (see Dacia car manufacturer best selling car in Europe) Romania was, is and will be one of the best places you can go visit.

I like to put it as the country where "shit is still raw". Really funny the comment on the guy that said that the only breakfast thing @ McDonald's is the McToast which is a hamburger bun flipped upside down with ham and cheese. Romanians don't make a big thing about breakfast. They still got scrambled eggs bacon, etc. They are big on organic foods with no additives.

Refer to this link for more info

romaniatourism (dot)com

Also wiki Romania and find out stats about population as well as go to

norc (dot)ro

its like street view in Google only with major Romanian cities.

Stop playa hating on RO. Oh btw fuck Borat, that's a gypsy village, those things are rare, its like a different world!
by ChaoSeth August 06, 2009

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