a hella awesome website with lots of and , HELL YEAH!
Since my parents installed a blocker on my computer, I always go to newgrounds to jack off.
by Tereth January 24, 2005
Newgrounds was created in 1991, it was and still is a very populated portal where people can show off their skills in moviemaking, Newgrounds is known for submissions as NumaNuma and other hilarious movies. It has been created by Tom Fulp who recently got in the big market and created the game Alien Hominid, which was a flash submission itself and got remade for fans, Tom Fulp also has a brother called Wade Fulp, Wade Fulp likes to make close pictures of scary bugs and post it on their witty and sarcastic forumboard, snap it.
Newgrounds, Everything by Everyone.

Newgrounds, the problems of the future, Today!
by The Story July 12, 2006
1): When you get to a new level of a relationship.
2): When you face something new that you dont even recognize,and find it hard to recognize it.
3): Freshly cut grass that smells like its new-ground
1): Bob I feel like I've gotten to new-grounds with Kate!
2): Dude this homework is just newground!
3)mmmmmmm this graas smells newground!
by MackTogo May 29, 2007
A cool site but with tons of rude morons that flame all the time...
Don't behave like newgrounds' users!
by Dumb Genius February 28, 2005
A good flash website that has thousnads of portal entries. newgrounds is poor because all they have is banner ads and ads all over the site for hentai.
I must ask a question-who can jerk it to a naked cartoon??
by only$19.99,less s+h January 12, 2004
Our website, which contains arab_freak, our favourite user on the BBS.
We made arab_freak an administrator today!
by Tom and Wade Fulp December 09, 2004
Crappy site including a forum populated by prepubescent middle school kids who feel it is their duty to demonstrate their knowledge in subjects they know absolutely nothing about such as drugs and sex. These people can be observed making topics centered around one of the two, which seems to act as a sort of dipshit magnet if you will, invariably attracting more dumbasses so that said topic is devoid of any useful information.
some kid on the newgrounds forums mistook ragweed for marijuana
by wwwwoooooooo! November 25, 2006
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