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the lord and master, Foamy is a squirrel who has something to say about things that piss him off and seems to make a girl's *Germaine* life hell
"I'm the Lord and Master, you all are bastards, worship me, or I'll stab your eyes 'til you bleed. I am the Lord and Master" ~ Foamy
by Dirge April 11, 2005
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The internet's infamous cartoon squirrel who insults people, diets and his gothic owner Germaine. He's known for killing people by way of acorn nuts and recruiting people for his Card Cult. He also rants about
Foamy is the lord and master! Worship him or he'll stab your eyes until you bleed!
by Hollamanda April 15, 2005
Foamy is ur lord and master!
by Some Chic April 19, 2005
a crazy ass squirrel seen in ill will press's movies. he is the leader o fthe foamy card cult.
I’m The Lord & Master

I’m the lord & master
All of you are bastards
Worship me
Or I’ll stab your eyes ‘till you bleed
I’m the lord & master
by matrixgk3 May 28, 2005
Basically a flip-flop connected to a platform that resembles four sponges stacked on top of each other. A tacky shoe worn by girls with no style.
Did you see that girl with the foamies on?
Did you burn your foamies yet?
by ahwhocares July 28, 2004
A slang term for a homosexual experience between two or more men, using bicarbonate of soda and vinger as well as other bodily secretions.
Did you see that cute guy over there? I'd get foamy with him any day!
by The mad monk of monkton April 30, 2011
Foh-mee (n) 1. A sex act performed by (usually Asian) prostitutes in a bathhouse brothel, in which the nude male customer is bathed and lathered up while laying on his back, followed by the prostitute sliding her naked body up and down upon his.
As soon as I get to Manila, I'm going to get a Foamy!
by Snoobo November 01, 2007
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