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The e-home of the general population of teenagers. Teens seeking their daily doses of violence, comedy, sexuality, and fun, flock to Newgrounds in mass numbers to take part in the beautiful chaos that is flash.

But behind Newgrounds is it's dirty little secret of a message board where the devious users of Newgrounds discuss everything from not so dead dead users, beloved jailed stalkers, pervisions, e-marriages, to how someone's girlfriend's breasts got larger.

If Newgrounds were a brand new shiny silver refridgerator with a built in TV..than The Newgrounds BBS would be the mystery meat in the tubberware container from your old fridge which is now in your new fridge. You're not so certain how it got in the new fridge but it gives you that familiar warmth of the good ol days while all along reaking of crap.
"I'm sorry I'm late, I had to deposit my experience on Newgrounds and FBIpolux just had this wicked topic involving Mary and Neph and it was too great not to read till the end..so where are we? Oh ya right! marriage! Yah yah I do"
by Vegeton October 12, 2005

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