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Handed an unreturnable blow, or a powerful punch or slap.
"That dude just got his shit ROCKED"
by daveydeadite May 19, 2005
to get hit.
to be beaten without reprieve.
He bucked to the big dude and got his ass rocked.
by Monkey January 24, 2005
1. to sleep very hard
2. to be extreemly drunk or high
3 beaten up
1. I was so tired last nigh, as soon as i got in the house i was rocked

2. James was rocked at the party, he had 10 drinks

3. ron and mell rocked kevin behind the school
by Esha04 July 10, 2008
to have a strong erection; generally used to describe a state of arousal higher than average or typical - an extremely firm excitation of the penis
Man that new porno had me so rocked, I didn't think it would ever go down!
by Atsiv S December 03, 2010
To be intoxicated on painkillers to the point that your eyes are rolling to the back of your head. Usually adding marijuana within the hour after you take the painkillers it could double your rock. Rocked is strictly used for being on opiate painkillers (hydro/oxycodone, morphine, hydro/oxymorphone, etc.), except heroin, because heroin is just a completely different level of rocked.
1. I ate that whole roxi 30 last night and i was rocked off my ass.

2. I'm so rocked.
by yimmyTAYLOR May 15, 2011
THE NEW PWND! Rocked, originating in the New Jersey New York tristate area, is a verb which essentially means pwnd. Pwnd, as we all know, was becoming quite trite and abused as a word often. As a result, Rocked made its way into the vocabulary of revolutionary men who wanted to change pwnd to rocked. Now, on many mediasharing websites such as youtube, dailymotion, or metacafe, many people use the word Rocked in comments to describe some sort of pwnage.
Osama got rocked by Obama on May 2nd
by BoojandOorike June 14, 2011
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