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A large community website that is famous for the variety of flash cartoons and games presented on it by it's users and (sometimes) it's creators. Although famous for it's reputation of being an offensive website in it's early years, recently it has developed into an extremely well-done site for all ages (if you look at the rating system) It plays host to over 250,000 cartoons and games. The famous Numa Numa Dance was first broadcasted on the site. It is also famous for being thieved upon by websites like Ebaum's World and Flashplayer. Creators Tom and Wade Fulp have created 2 console flash games.
Mike: Man did you see that awesome cartoon on Newgrounds that came out last week?
Tom: But ebaums said it was made today.
by mfprod July 30, 2005
1. A morbid situation or event expressed humoressly.

2. A humoress situation or event expressed morbidly

3. A strange type of humor where there is not a clear answer whether the recipient of a 'gorlairious' will crack up, throw up, or just be plain offended.
Blood and Death I find funny,
just like the remains of a beheaded bunny,
all because I know it's dead,
my tears of joy glisten red.

Lifeless corpses, rotting and burning,
always start my head turning,
my boisterious fun had just begun,
when little jimmy's life was suddenly done.

Don't get me started on little lucy lu,
they all thought she had the flu,
when she really had a terrible disease.
I bent over double when she reached 120 degrees.

I love to rip and tear at your flesh,
laughing as I think, "how fresh!"
Why can't anyone see the sincerity,
of the emotion that is gorlairity?

Excerpt from GORLAIRITY- A Poem By Mfprod
by Mfprod July 07, 2005

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