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25 definitions by tommyt

ACA = Alcohol, Condoms & Attitude. The three factors necessary for any episode of The Jersey Shore.
Dude, alls ya need to have a great episode of the Jersey Shore is ACA!!
by TommyT February 14, 2011
22 10
Basically, anyone who's into ANYTHING besides testosterone fueled recreational or professional activities, IE, sports, hiphop music, drinking or street racing. If it's an intellectual interest, one that requires more than a 3rd grade education to understand, you can bet that it has geek followers.
Yo man, who's dat geek ovah dere, he don't dress like a hiphoppa, drive a hoop, play hoops or drink as much beer as us, must be a geek.
by tommyt March 05, 2009
18 9
A play on "orangutan", the species of ape: Any New Jersey Douchebag who sports a fake tan that gives them a distinct orange glow, giving them the appearance of a nuclear war survivor. They may also be a gel-head.
Man, that orangu-tan's glow is makin' my eyes hurt - did a nuke go off somewhere?
by tommyt February 04, 2009
11 3
Compressed spelling of "Fuck did I do?", a shortened version of "What the fuck did I do?", an expression used frequently by Jim McNulty on the HBO series The Wire.

McNulty: Fuckdidido??
by tommyt August 17, 2011
7 0
The absolute highest anger felt when you fail to achieve three stars in an Angry Birds level, even after watching video walkthroughs and knowing you followed their instructions precisely.
Uh, Dude, you just threw your iphone across the room...

Sorry, man, Angry Birds fury. Been watching 3 star walkthroughs for this level & they just don't fuckin' work!!!!
by tommyt August 10, 2011
7 0
Playing Angry Birds for so long that it drains the battery of your mobile device.
Dude, I been texting you all day!! Where the hell you been?

Sorry Dude, Angry Birds Drain.
by TommyT August 05, 2011
7 0
The opposite of procrastination. When you get everything you've set out to do (or are required to get done) in record time & are bored because you did it so damn fast.
Hey, why's Bobby looking glum?

He's been craprostinating his work all week & now he doesn't have any left.
by tommyt July 12, 2011
8 1