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canned dog food that people buy and eat. Not realizing that they are really eating dog food, they buy it because of the stupid advertising or they are too poor to buy real dog food for dogs.
i wont even feed spam to be dog!
by tatomuck1 September 08, 2009
When someone dies bleeding to death in a pool of blood.
2pac got shot by a bullet and he was dead in red
by tatomuck1 July 09, 2009
anyone who so called publishes nonsense on this website just because it says "author" on their account for this site. They act as if they're actually publishing something while no one wants to read their stupid shit, like sick sex acts such as Alabama hot pocket and Golden Gate bridge. SO WHAT. No one wants to read your sick fantasies.
Anyone who publishes shit on this site is a fake author
by tatomuck1 March 26, 2009
another name for Lunchables. Its a box that comes with nasty fake food and is commonly eaten by school kids. Kids take them to school because they rather not eat the school food which is almost equally gross. Some of them just come with a block of American cheese thats supposed to be used as some kind of sandwich with crackers thats called cheese and crackers. Another one comes with hot dogs made out of pork and scrap meat and who knows what else. Pukeables taste gross, smell gross and make me feel really really sick to my stomach!
I had Pukeables for lunch and it was not so good.
by tatomuck1 September 08, 2009
A box of chocolates arranged in random order. They are usually bought on Valentines in a box the shape of a heart. There are several pieces of chocolate that all taste different. When you take one chocolate and eat it, you have no idea which ones are good or nasty so you gamble on which chocolate would be the good one. So before you even touch one of them, its going to be a big surprise. If you pick one thats so nasty that you have to spit it out, you lose.
I just got some gamble chocolate and unfortunately, I bit into the one with toothpaste.
by tatomuck1 April 11, 2009
having just one ball (testicle) like Hitler. Or should I say "swastikle"
Hitler had only one swastikle.

by tatomuck1 February 04, 2009
a word used to describe someone very dangerous and vicious. Usually someone you wouldnt want to fight or mess with.
That guy is a pitbull
by tatomuck1 November 29, 2008

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