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Tap water is pretty much the same as bottled water, only you'll save a shitload of money and, believe it or not, you will be healthier drinking tap water over bottled water (probably because bottled water has chemicals in it.) It also tastes better (in my opinion), and the only reason why people don't like it is because you need to refrigerate it for a while for it to be cold.
by Valintino the Big Surpremo August 30, 2010
those guys who have nothing going for them in terms of looks, sense of humor, money, personality, or any other type of attractive characteristic.
(e.g. when you're at a restaurant and want water, tapwater will do, but you really just want something else like ice water or coke)
I only go out with tapwater guys when no one else is around
by im not tapwater September 13, 2009
When someone or something is lame as hell
For example:

yo that party was so tap water.

Dude connor is super tap water.
by Kozic May 11, 2016
The nasty-ass contaminated water that you find in public buildings.
Dude why is the water yellow
by Gearbox January 23, 2005
The Process of Turning your Girl and or Women upside down and vomitting into her ass hole and or Vagina and then shaking it up for good mixture and pouring it into yours or your sleeping friends mouth.
Bro you wanna drink some tap water?!
by PENGUIN FAMILY!!!!!! June 20, 2010
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