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having just one ball (testicle) like Hitler. Or should I say "swastikle"
Hitler had only one swastikle.

by tatomuck1 February 04, 2009
A word that means everyone and everything alive. Everyone is going to die and no one could live forever. pre means before. pre-dead means before death. Everyone is going to die, so they all might as well be called, "pre-dead".
Everyone is pre-dead.
by tatomuck1 November 08, 2008
another name for Lunchables. Its a box that comes with nasty fake food and is commonly eaten by school kids. Kids take them to school because they rather not eat the school food which is almost equally gross. Some of them just come with a block of American cheese thats supposed to be used as some kind of sandwich with crackers thats called cheese and crackers. Another one comes with hot dogs made out of pork and scrap meat and who knows what else. Pukeables taste nasty, smell nasty and make me sick to my stomach!
I had Pukeables for lunch and it was not so good.
by tatomuck1 October 11, 2009
The way black people pronounce April "Fools"
Yo, What up homie,,,, APRIL FOOS BIATCH!!!
by tatomuck1 November 25, 2008
The faggots who love fucking little boys. AKA NAMBLA.
Chef joined the baby boinkers and buggered many children all over the world
by tatomuck1 October 11, 2009
a punk ass word remade by nigger in the hood who think they tough but they all whack ass wanksters.
yo nigga, yo ass is mad ghetto
by tatomuck1 October 11, 2009
America's armpit.

Due to the horrible smells everywhere throughout the state, especially near the highways, New Jersey named itself the Garden State to feel better about itself. Its the home of toxic waste, factories, overflowing sewage, swamp marshlands and anything mixed together to create a giant stink bomb.
This place smells like shit, Are we in New Jersey?
by tatomuck1 October 31, 2009

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