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81 definitions by tatomuck1

An extremely nasty stinky fart. A fart so bad, it resembles boiled eggs in smell
EWWW, something stinks, did you lay a boiled egg?
by tatomuck1 November 25, 2008
if your not listed on there, your a nobody
Only famous or significant people are listed there on wikipedia. The all important information center formed into one.
by tatomuck1 March 28, 2009
A Newport cigarette or any menthol cigarette smoked by black people.
Yo nigga, gimmie a ghetto breath mint. It cool ma mouf
by tatomuck1 May 27, 2009
to be the best at something.
You are the A-Rod of backgammon.
by tatomuck1 April 09, 2009
the biggest crap
i just took a Bono last night
by tatomuck1 February 19, 2009
a rodent
Thats not a dog, thats a "RODENT".

by tatomuck1 February 04, 2009
to unexpectedly hang the phone up on someone
Hello, this is Michael speaking
by tatomuck1 February 22, 2009