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31 definitions by swoopa

1. sack full of weed
2. someone weeded to the fullest, addicted to this shit, totally blunted from dawn to dusk
"i'll bring the bag of weed" Nate Dogg
by Swoopa March 02, 2009
if you roll on hydros, seems like it makes your car rise into the air when you start it up and when you drive it you can hit one of the 4 switches then make your roll bounce from side to side, front to back or make it pancake
"fo hoppin, ass droppin" Ice Cube
by Swoopa March 01, 2009
from the slang five o, sexist expression that means "female cop" as you can guess it.
"hey nigga peep, beware of that zigzagin berry, there's a five hoe at the wheel"

J pulled over and seen the five hoe coming to his side then he thought he could work it out and even flick with her but he got got.
by Swoopa February 07, 2009
v. To dump somebody, secondhand, with ungratefulness
"Cause even when your bitch wants to trick around, You know the moneys got you safe and sound" DJ Quick
by Swoopa February 27, 2009
what you intend to do during the next hours
what we gon' do now ? what's on the menu ?
by Swoopa February 27, 2009
strong likka of 40 or 45 per cent abv, witta anise flava, made in France on the southside near Marseille. mainly mixed with water but can also be sipped alone. tastes good for ones, but if you don't like anise you'll hate it.
as the french say, a glass of pastis is just like a boob : only one is not enough but three is too much.

so drink five of deez glasses fulla pastis with no water and youll actda fool on the dancefloor, get drunk as fuck.
by Swoopa January 23, 2009
a cadillac deville
"Smokin weed and feelin fine
In my Lacville 79" Devin the Dude
by Swoopa March 28, 2009