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To fire a gun (military slang from the days of percussion cap and ball firearms before the manufacture of individual cartidges consisting of a metal casing holding a bullet, gunpowder and a primer that fired when struck by a firing pin or hammer.)
We heard some people busting caps a couple of klicks up the trail.
by jeff August 13, 2004
A slang phrase referring to the posession and use to a certain individial of a firearm or any other object resembling a firearm that emits any sort of a projectile.
"Imma bust a cap in yo mothafuckin ass bitch!"
by November 30, 2004
This is not a new phrase as much of the Rap culture would like us to believe. Instead it is an old phrase to shoot someone. Reference to cap is a word for powder cap used in percussion guns popular in the old west. This phrase is used in the 1969 movie titled "True Grit" with John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Dennis Hopper and Robert Duvall.

Line by Ned Pepper (played by Robert Duvall) "I never busted a cap (bust a cap) on a woman or nobody under sixteen. But I'll do it."

by J Keto March 10, 2008
To discharge a handgun, usually a 9mm, in the direction of an enemy or a rival gang.
Im gonna bust a cap in his punk ass
by HeavenlyHost July 04, 2003
To unload your gun on someone and ultimatley, kill them. A very popular activity in the ghetto.
Nigga 1: Hey you want some of dis sheeit?
Nigga 2: Ah, I don wan dat shit.
Nigga 1: I don give a fuck, I don't play that shit, and I'm about to bust a cap motha nigga.
by jakrel August 12, 2005
1.To shoot someone. Usually in a gangsta fashion with your gun sideways in cold blood.
2. A commical way to say you shot someone
1.Im gonna busta cap in that biatch
2. Yo nigga, lets busta cap in those fools.
by 6 gig February 17, 2003
To discharge a round of ammunition from a firearm, usually a handgun.
Fuck wit me, and I'll bust a cap in yo ass biatch!!!!
That fool was disrespectin' a brutha so I had to straight bust a cap in his ass!
by Streetsouljah September 06, 2006
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