31 definitions by swoopa

1. where you hide your strap into your car

2. where you hide your strap and your dope in your house
1. got the deuce deuce in da stash spot when im rollin in my regal

2. theyll never found it out
by Swoopa May 04, 2009
same as layback
to chill out, calm down, relax and max often used when it's time to take a ride
"-heyy mayne! that mofucka lookin at me sideways ! who this? im gittin piiiissed, hand me the niiine!!!
-boy, why don't you shut the fucc up and lay on back for a while, you ain't gon kill nobody, son
by Swoopa March 27, 2009
v. to smoke some of that indo in order to spend a good time
damn i remember way back when we used to say : "let's hit the indo baaaby!"
by Swoopa March 26, 2009
while dickin' a female down, that's what you can hold or make bounce real fast : a piece of breast or ass.
we like them not too fat and not skinny at all, just wit that lil surplus, you know.
by Swoopa April 23, 2009
adj. murdered (more than "dead" in fact)
it compares a rotting body with out of date and expired food as adding past participle -ed to the word "day".
"when sumthin happen in south central LA, nuttin happen, it's just another nigga dayed"

by Swoopa March 27, 2009
same as chicken hawkin. when boys going out, looking for females and trying to pull a hit and run, viewing themselves as hunters and girls as gazelles.
they're on the hunt
by Swoopa April 24, 2009
means KKK.
this is how these black haters show their membership to the klan, mainly done while they holding their belts.
-3 fingers down, make all your niggers bow down !!!
-ahahah, go hit the shower idiot !
by Swoopa April 23, 2009

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