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act of busting a cap in one's ass
"straight servin your ass heat" S.C Cartel
serving heat in the streets with mah lil deuce deuce, pop pop
by Swoopa March 01, 2009
1. fact of being dressed like a gee, often mean you wear your gang colors such as blue or red, for example.

2. to be dressed so fine like a playa from foots to the head that makes the girls stare and come around while men start hatting as they watching you gliding in the club.
still i lace mah good ol' taylo' chucks, put mah khaki pantz on...grab mah shades...yall kno im so gangsta'd up.

"straight gangsta'd up, still don't give a fuck" (from the daddy v's song "gangsta'd up").
by Swoopa January 23, 2009
to get smoked by enemies from a different gang or set
"if you a slob, you gonna get mobbed" Crips
"if you a crab, you gonna get mobbed" Bloods
by Swoopa March 02, 2009
v. To bust a cap
say allelujah if you get by mo'fukka cuz i'ma bussacap
by Swoopa March 02, 2009
when you used to roll up and down crenshaw blvd, where you can see the most flippin lo-lo's and fancy cars passing by
if you dwell in compton, watts and especially south central areas, you like to roll your shit down the 'shaw, never stop flossn and flexn, uz a shaw rider just like any teen here who owns a ride
by Swoopa March 04, 2009
To achieve your aims : get a girl done, get some chedda, finally get this job, pass an exam or whatever you would do or get.
Gotta make an end with her

What am I doing now? Just making ends, cause money don't grow on trees, you know
by Swoopa March 01, 2009
a district situated in the northside of south central los angeles, between rodeo road on the north, santo tomas drive on the south, la brea ave on the west and stocker st, crenshaw plaza and crenshaw blvd on the east. also crossed by MLK blvd.
baldwin village is also known as the "Jungle" due to the fact that it is full of greenery (both meanings) and that there is a high gang activity.
plenty of scenes from "Training Day" are set in baldwin village especially a ride-by which was shot on Palmwood Drive near Santa Barbara Plaza.
baldwin village ain't no place to be for punks and all type of fools
by Swoopa March 27, 2009

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