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The first thing a cashier will guess if you're buying hot dogs and buns, when really you're just a fucking bachelor.
Cashier: Having a barbecue?
by Douglas Young October 10, 2007
When two guys have sex with one girl. One guy is fucking her in her vagina while the other is fucking her in the mouth. During this, she is spun like a pig roast. For optimal pleasure, larger women are preferable.
like barbecuing a pig on a skewer. "Hey girl, do you like barbecues?!" " got a friend boy?"
by little piggy November 16, 2012
Slang destroy by fire; burn; torch (slang sense) or an occasion for doing this
Hitler hosted many a book barbecue in Nazi Germany.
by Jon64Bailey July 29, 2011
Gay sex in the Australian outback
Joe: "I'm gonna go barbecue with Mike."
Fred: "Make sure to use protection."
by AnonSeven February 09, 2011
A description for something which would be considered epic, hot, awesome, and incredible all at once.
Woah, that party was BARBECUE!
Dude, that chick.. BBQ. Know what I'm sayin?
by tartarbinks January 17, 2014
Crack cocaine, or smoking crack (barbecueing)
Did you see that pale fucker? Probably been up barbecueing for days.

Your teeth wouldn't be so yellow if you'd stop smokin'the fuckin barbecue
by Big Leges September 27, 2008
An expression used to show agreement or pleasure.
Skank: "Did u see dat film last night, innit????"

Lord Chancellor: "Yes, it was frightfully barbecue"
by The Smiling Web Bandit January 29, 2009
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