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strong likka of 40 or 45 per cent abv, witta anise flava, made in France on the southside near Marseille. mainly mixed with water but can also be sipped alone. tastes good for ones, but if you don't like anise you'll hate it.
as the french say, a glass of pastis is just like a boob : only one is not enough but three is too much.

so drink five of deez glasses fulla pastis with no water and youll actda fool on the dancefloor, get drunk as fuck.
by Swoopa January 23, 2009
alcoholized beverage drinked mainly in the south of France. is made with anis with a local recipe. used to be drink straight added with water, at lunch time. very friendly and group party -based drink. is now often used in "hype" cocktail in order to add taste and probably a little bit of popularity. got a wonderful taste, easy to get drunk with, sounds like you were drinking the sun.
Pastis shouldn't be drinked by paris people
by Massilia13 January 11, 2005
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