31 definitions by swoopa

same as chicken hawkin. when boys going out, looking for females and trying to pull a hit and run, viewing themselves as hunters and girls as gazelles.
they're on the hunt
by Swoopa April 24, 2009
to be on a mission means to be looking for some greenery or some ass
"driving my lincoln down Imperial, still on a mission for some ass and this chica i met the anoher day keeps paging me...damn who this? i gotta swoop on this one !"
by Swoopa April 24, 2009
means KKK.
this is how these black haters show their membership to the klan, mainly done while they holding their belts.
-3 fingers down, make all your niggers bow down !!!
-ahahah, go hit the shower idiot !
by Swoopa April 23, 2009

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