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Negropocalypse is the state of total destuction and ruination of the United States caused by the dumbing down of education of white kids so they are at the same level as minorities, the rising popularity of black culture overriding other cultures and the erasing of seperate races by multi-cultural breeding and the majority of black americans that act as if the rules and laws do not apply to them since a "black man ish in da offish".
Tyrigum, we let our selfishness and stupidity to destroy the world, like some kinda science-fiction movie...if it was a movie they'd call it "Negropocalypse", axe how I know that Tyrigum, axe me!
by subliminal_threat April 27, 2009
Spanish wool is an unshaven, but often trimmed or tidy kept vagina and/or pubic area of a spanish woman.
Hey Jerry, your saying you want to eat some of that spanish wool for 2 or 3 hours straight? That's insane! I'd eat her spanish wool for atleast 6 hours!
by subliminal_threat April 17, 2009
is the act of an urban dweller pulling one of his/her pants legs up to the knee or high calf muscle while the other pants leg is in its proper place. Thus giving the appearence of having a urbanized version of a pirate's pegleg.
Look at Deshaun, that fool's nigleg has him looking like a ghetto pirate straight outta Cap'n Rockslinger. Dem shits off da chain!
by subliminal_threat October 15, 2008
The act of one wearing pants and one of the legs of the pants in pulled up to the knee or past the calve muscle. Mostly common among urban youth. Popularized by LL Cool J.
Dawizzle, do you have a tan line on your leg from that urbanatic nigleg fashion statement you're sportin'?
by subliminal_threat September 02, 2008
1.) a derogitory term for a homosexual male that prefers to administer oral.
2.) a macho ribbing of one's friend by mockingly calling him a "goober lip".
"Tom, you are such a goober lip"
by subliminal_threat February 17, 2008
a cub is a young man that searches for older woman(cougars), akin to a cub nuzzling up to the momma cougar's teet.
Jeter: "so what's your plan for this weekend Jerry?"
Jerry: "dude, I'm hitting the bars up so this baby cub can get some of that sweet cougar teet!"
by subliminal_threat October 25, 2009

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