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the nipple. nothing more,nothing less.
"the hungry baby elephant suckled from its mothers frosty TEET"

k thnx. teet. use it.
by A-Train March 09, 2005
1. When you're too gutless to do something. Like being chicken. The phrase "Do it or you're teets." is commonly used to pressure someone into doing something. It's like a double dare only stronger, because the person unquestionably has to do it, obviously, or they're teets.
2. When you're a lightweight drinker and can't handle your alcohol.
"Play us a song on the guitar!"
"Do it you're teets."
"Guess I have to then."

"She was vomiting after three."
by Gisborne January 19, 2011
San Francisco based slang, meaning an awesome woman, usually one that projects a glittery "prom queen" attitude at all time. A woman with flair and high sex appeal.
Look at teets over there, killing it again, for the win...
by robertlsfo September 08, 2009
An expression used to convey annoyance, and/or general feeling of disappointment. Often times accompanied by the "teet face" i.e. head tilted downward and to the side, with an eyebrow raised.
My car broke down...teet
by Teets MacGee December 08, 2011
Teets describing someone who is so annoying or 'pez'
'wow, that guy is so drunk'
'yeah he only had one drink'
by meowmeowmeow11 July 10, 2011
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