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The final product of someone has ruin your shit. A utter defeat or total destruction on a massive scale.
"Aww, man that's some severe ruination!"
by K-Slash May 17, 2005
When someone gets owned, pwnd, or just completely destroyed in anyway.
"Wow, that was just ruination."
by joo_boy November 25, 2009
A band that will make your ear drums orgasm
Omg ruination made my ears wet!
by mrs murder January 29, 2014
Someone who ruins things such as lives. Also a pansy!
Zane is a ruination
by triquetra January 16, 2011
Believed to have been invented 3 years ago by a young man named iestyn, it has been widely used to express annoyance at being struck/attacked in a computer game, such as mario kart: double dash.

The word must be shouted for full effect.
RUINATION! He hit me with the green shell!
by Ditchol July 31, 2009

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