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A person with a false leg.
The pegleg limped down the road
by Atomiku March 12, 2005
a person with a wooden leg (used mostly in reference to theatrical pirates. also a rude term of adress)
Get out of my sight, peg leg.
by Light Joker March 17, 2005
Ms. Heather Mills, who likes to call her self Mrs.Paul Mccartney, but everyone knows the real Paul Mccartney's first name is lexie
Ew i can't believe Paul Mccartney married peg leg
by naininia sharmama May 03, 2005
a valuable young player who should be signed rather than traded.
Jeff Carter is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre currently playing for the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL. Some people consider investing in younger players akin to sawing off your own leg.
If signed, Carter would be a peg leg.
by c_i March 29, 2008
A half finished Captin and coke left laying around and available for consumption. A close relative of a Larry
I was scoping the wedding for a Larry but I had to settle for a Peg Leg
by Trent A July 30, 2006
Peg-Leg is when you smoke some really good weed and get so high that you cant feel your feet, and when you walk it feels like you have peg legs
tim: hey bill what do you have there
bill: some dank weed...take one hit and you will have Peg-Leg for 3 hours
by sir peg leg January 12, 2011
1. kicking someone else's leg
2. painful amusument
3. a traditional teenager greeting, like an arm punch
I peg-legged my brother to keep him away from my last mountain dew.
by Coyote13 April 28, 2009
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