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1. A white woman who generally dates niggers. All attempts are made to publicize this so that she is outcast from the white community and classified at tainted material. All hopes of settling down with a white husband are thwarted by the community, thus proving the notion that "once you go black, you can never go back". If by some chance, the woman settles down with a white man, that man will be promptly notified by mail or mouth by a member or the community so that he may divorce her as fast as possible. He will not be shunned by the community if he did not know, unless he refuses. If there are children, they would not be shunned if they stay with the father.

2. Niggers carry the mark of Cain and anyone who cavorts with them knowingly has the mark transferred to them.
Larry learned that his wife is a nigger digger, so now he is divorcing her. Shame he didnt have a pre-nub. He will try to get the children for their own good...so they do not have to carry the mark of cain.
by shdwsclan May 22, 2009
1. Non-derogatory term to describe africans. Its origins are traced back to the 14th century and comes from the latin word Maurus to describe the inhabitants of the Maghreb which are the Mauri, although in Spain those words are used to describe arabs and not blacks.
Murzyn is the correct spelling of Muzyn.
by shdwsclan April 11, 2009
1. Someone who acts like a Nigger but only online. Majority of these people are of Arab/Palestinian descent for some reason.
Man, did you know that Josef is an arab in person but an eNigger online...
by shdwsclan April 19, 2009
1. A magical land composed completely of cubes.
Man that cuba has a lot of cubes and wetbacks...
by shdwsclan April 29, 2009
Bambo is the main character of a childrens poem where a 10 year old african is presented as studious, but when he comes home he is mischievous. When his mom ask him to drink his milk, he climbs a tree, and when his mom asks him to take a bath, he is afraid he will turn white.

His name is coined from the word bamboo.
1. Murzynek Bambo
Murzynek Bambo w Afryce mieszka
czarną maskórę ten nasz kolezka
uczy się pilnie przez całe ranki
ze swej murzyńskiej pierwszej czytanki.

A gdy do domu ze szkoły wraca,
psoci figluje to jego praca,
aż mama krzyczy Bambo łobuzie,
a Bambo czarną nadyma buzię

Mama powiada napij się mleka
a on na drzewo mamie ucieka,
mama powiada choć do kąpieli
a on się boi, ze się wybieli

Lecz mama kocha swojego synka,
bo dobry chłopak z tego murzynka,
szkoda, ze Bambo czarny wesoły,
nie chodzi razem z nami do szkoły.

-Julian Tuwin

See Duo Stars - Murzynek Bambo
In the music video for this, a polish african kid portray murzynek bambo.
by shdwsclan April 11, 2009
The nigger primate generally travels in pairs of 2, whether it be male or female. The second is usually known as the subnigger, because they are not the primary aggressor in nigger-type activities, but they are there to back up the primary-nigger if some 'shit goes down'.
His subnigger held me while he punched my gut.
by shdwsclan October 12, 2008
1. A subsidiary of now-defunct Cingular Wireless. It had no credit checks was completely prepaid, especially for poor creditless niggers.
I'm gonna get myself a new phone a Niggular Wireless.
by shdwsclan August 02, 2009

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