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An adjective often used to describe an amazing friend, a gorgeous person, or someone you wish you had. See also, Maurilicious, Maurielicious.
A: Did you see that girl?!

B: Yeah, she's a Mauri.
by Maurissa April 20, 2008
Super cute, gorgeous and stub in girl. She never seizes to amaze me. Seriously sexy too, like god damn, kinky as fuck. Always have awesome hair, you just kinda wanna bury your nose in it too because it looks beautiful and smells fantastic. Gives the best cuddles imaginable, and God damn adorable! Smart too and sweet as can be. Rad as fuck eyeliner skills! Pretty eyes too, sometimes tend to have some sort of orange tint. Once again, incredibly sexy... Mauri's are quite something else, truly amazing. Very funny too. Often like videogames as well.
Wow... Look at Mauri! She's so perfect... She is kinky and just UMMMMFF!
by Thesauceboss December 29, 2014
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