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To add an air or appearance of modern urban African Americana to an everyday, ordinary object or event.
Look at that Chevy Suburban with spinners.. Its niggafied!
Since when did this TV station become so niggafied?
by MustangGT July 26, 2005
To be a part of, or have sufficient understanding of, black culture.
Yo, quit bein' so crazy Tyrell. You scarin' those non-niggafied crackas!
#black culture #nigga #urban #street #down
by elton March 07, 2006
Taking something so beautiful, so well respected, and turning it to shit.
Wow that was a nice jeep, until he niggafied it with the 22" spinners.
#niggafied #nigga #nigg #a #fied
by I.H.L. March 27, 2009
When someone makes something or someone look like a nigga ownes it or bought it.

Josh exclaimes: Damn Devan, your car looks like it's been niggafied! (A 1989 5.0 Plum Crazy Purple Mustang with Spinners, leopard skin seats and dashboard, dice in the mirror, and smells like beez wax!)
#nigga rigged #gangster #crazy #purple #spinners
by BillyKellogg December 03, 2008
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