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The high preist of LSD
Timothy Leary's dead,
no no no no he's outside,
looking in.
by Rob March 31, 2004
A Person who's getting killed
Your Dead Meat!
by Rob October 25, 2003
commited to a hospital, clinic,or crisis center against your will also while being 302ed police and or an ambulance might be involved
dam max klein just got 302ed again
by Rob December 21, 2004
1. To give someone a hard time.
2. To be a hard ass.
" I'm bustin' chops today. Ask anyone." ~ Janitor on Scrubs
by Rob March 02, 2005
stipper, exotic dancer; one who dances on a pole
I was slipping dollar$ in that single mom's g-string!
#mom #single #stipper #exotic #dancer
by rob February 09, 2006
possibly the most friggin intense racing league in existence.

Its just too bad it's not as popular in the states as it is in Europe and Asia.
Driving down a winding dirt road at 120 mph.
by Rob January 19, 2004
a sick ass band from MA.
bury your fucking dead!
by Rob February 10, 2005
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