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.45 Caliber cartridge. Sometimes used to refer to the firearms that fire such cartridges.
11.4mm in diameter, the average .45 caliber bullet weighs half an ounce.
Though there are many arcane .45 caliber cartridges, the two most common are the .45ACP (automatic Colt Pistol) and the .45 Colt, which is an obsolete but popular round. The .45 Colt round is longer than the .45ACP round, and was designed by Colt to fit their Single Action revolver, which the US Army used during the last decades of the nineteenth century. The .45ACP round was designed to be used in the 1911 pistol, by John Moses Browning. The gun was adopted by the US Army a few years after its creation, and was used by the United States until it was replaced by the Beretta M9 (Military designation for the Beretta 92) during the 1980s. Because it was used during both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of 1911s were produced. The Colt 1911 is often referred to as a “Colt .45” or “Government .45.” The pitfalls of the .45ACP cartridge are the large size of the bullet, heavy recoil and poor ballistics. Because the bullet is nearly 2.5 millimeters greater in diameter than the 9mm cartridge, far fewer can fit in a gun’s magazine, and the gun must be larger in order to accommodate the bullet. The heavy felt recoil is also a problem, because rapid or continued fire is difficult to maintain on target. The ballistics of the .45 caliber cartridge are also disappointing, the round travels nearly 200 feet per second slower than a 9x19 (9mm) cartridge. The 1911 pistol is still popular, despite being nearly 100 years old in design. The firearm’s single action mechanism and low magazine capacity have been overcome by some firearm manufacturers, most notably Para-Ordinance, whose LDA trigger systems are amazing, and whose high magazine capacity frames have revitalized the 1911 pistol.
If I don't get ya money yo 'gone catch a foty-five!
by Rob April 14, 2004
To hold something responsible in a positive or negative manner.
All the people with diarrhea chalked it up to eating at Taco Bell.
by Rob September 18, 2003
Slang used by Asians to describe the white man or Americans.
You want sweet & sour pork? Silly round-eye!
by Rob April 21, 2003
Ok, let me give the real definition of this word. 9 man band from Iowa, have came out with 4 albums. The band is NOT black or death metal, i call it simply..metal. The band does have talent, as for the drummer joey (not the best in the world, but up there) and the vocalist corey. Overall this band is fairly good, some of the songs ARE complete bull shit. This definition is coming from someone who listens to ALL genres of metal, slayer, dimmu borgir, absu, cannibal corpse, so i know a little bit about the music.

The slipknot fans need to simmer down and listen to all metal.

As for the bashes, you guys need to mind your own business and put proper definitions.
Man : Hey, do you like slipknot?
Me : Yeah, fairly good band.
Man : Cool, slayer is my fav. though
by Rob December 29, 2004
A side dish served most often with fried fish. Legend has it it was first created useing the left over batter for the fish at a fish fry. spoon fulls of the batter are dropped into the oil and cooked until golden brown on the outside. Legend also has it that the name came about from the fishermen throwing them to their dogs who would be whinning and begging for table scraps. These balls of fried left over dough were ment to, "Hush the puppies."
You go to any good fish fry anywhere in the south and you can bet that besides a plate full of fish, you will also get a mess of french fries, a big old serving of cole slaw, hand full of hush puppies and an ice cold glass of sweet iced tea.
by Rob November 08, 2004
Adjective. Literally referring to the high class area of town, Uptown can generally be used as a positive adjective in any situation.
"these shoes are uptown"
"this beer is uptown"


Rob: "hey Cott did you get some poon-tang last night?"
Scott: "Why indeed I did kind sir! It was motherfucking UP-Town!"
by Rob January 12, 2005
The system in which the Man holds us down. It is an intricate network of codes and regulations, involving everything from taxes that get spent in all the wrong places to phone banks where nobody even works. There are players for "the Establishment" everywhere, so do not let people know that you are aware of it.
I work for the Establishment and there is nothing I can do about it.
by rob March 08, 2005
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