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466 definitions by rOb

The start of every stupid story someone tells you.
"This one time...I...went...and climbed a tree"
by Rob April 18, 2005
The cool way of saying "Hello."
"omfg HAIZ!"
by Rob December 24, 2004
What Rob Borzillo makes
Borzillo: I can make a bong outta carrots too!
by Rob May 02, 2004
A city where your guarenteed 2 get in a fight or a big ass brawl ive lived here for 2 years and ive been in ALOT of fites
I wanna get in a fight do you know where i could go?
Yeah just go to santa rosa
by Rob April 01, 2005
University of Virginia Avenue- Otherwise known as Indian River Community College because it's main campus resides on Virginia Avenue in Ft. Pierce, Florida
Jermoe: Yo man you go to UVA too
Darnel: Yea, only got shot at once
Jermoe: tight
by Rob December 28, 2003
Ugliest person i have ever seen
Rob Searle is handsome
by Rob February 10, 2004
Something that can explain something that is cool or dumb.
1)Man this song is so derpy!
2)Yah, that guy is such a derpy derp!
by Rob June 17, 2004