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A place where teachers are ignorent and pretentd to be smart.
My teacher tried to cut my left hand off with a zip strip second hour, and almost suceeded...
by Rob March 03, 2004
skid row is a slang term meaning the area of shantys and/or shacks along the side of the railroad tracks outside of a boom town. perhaps it has something to do with the area of track that the train skids to a stop entering the town, but I am unsure about this.

It can also mean, death row.
Yeah, so? i'm from the other side of the tracks, i'm from skid row, you wanna make something of it?

Poor uncle Jesse, He's been on skid row for 3 years now, I don't know if they're ever going to put him to death.
by Rob September 09, 2004
Wasting time
I was just dicking around before meeting you at the show.
by Rob October 30, 2003
The guy who goes to a high school party after he's graduated high school.
i can't believe "blank" showed up didn't he graduate like 4 years ago
by Rob April 08, 2003
1. sumthing you want to do when your really pissed off at sumone
2. an awesome metallica song off their first album, kill 'em all
1. larry pissed me off, its time to seek and destroy.
2. listen to seek and destroy by metallica, great f**kin song
by rob August 24, 2004
#1 Hit for Sam Cooke in 1957.

It describes a feeling of love so deep, it takes you to another world.
Darling you send me
I know you send me
Darling you send me
Honest you do, honest you do
by Rob March 20, 2004
Possibly one of the greatest travesties to all that seemed sane in this world, BuddyPic is a site where sad, lonely teens post their pictures and a small profile and ask others to rate them. Assholes who think the site is dumb go around rating ones, and it brings the users into avanced state of depression known as BS (Buddypic Neuropsychoticsyndrome), or, in some forms of the phrase, Bull Shit.
omg plz plz plz rate my boi sk8erdude11209 a ten on bp hes soo hott
by rob October 23, 2004
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