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466 definitions by rOb

A non-offensive description for a human posterior.
Boy, isn't that girl's tuckus hot?
by Rob August 07, 2003
Comes from the streets. A word to describe someone who is accepted in a particular group or area.
"What's that guy doing on our side?"
"Yo, cool down, he's rockafella"
by Rob July 19, 2004
Media Access Control address- hardware address that identifies each node on a network consisting of4 8 bits expressed as 12 hexadecimal digits. Unique to each network card
12:34:56:78:9A:BC May I please have the MAC address of your modem therefore to diagnose your problem.
by Rob December 28, 2003
Possibly one of the greatest travesties to all that seemed sane in this world, BuddyPic is a site where sad, lonely teens post their pictures and a small profile and ask others to rate them. Assholes who think the site is dumb go around rating ones, and it brings the users into avanced state of depression known as BS (Buddypic Neuropsychoticsyndrome), or, in some forms of the phrase, Bull Shit.
omg plz plz plz rate my boi sk8erdude11209 a ten on bp hes soo hott
by rob October 23, 2004
Wasting time
I was just dicking around before meeting you at the show.
by Rob October 30, 2003
A word that appears on moterway bridges in north west UK. It's only purpose to annoy drivers who are left with a nagging curiosity for the rest of their day until the next day when it ceases to become important ever again.
for god sake why did they have to colour it in. Now it's more noticable and more annoying
by Rob April 17, 2003
1. sumthing you want to do when your really pissed off at sumone
2. an awesome metallica song off their first album, kill 'em all
1. larry pissed me off, its time to seek and destroy.
2. listen to seek and destroy by metallica, great f**kin song
by rob August 24, 2004