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What women do when they are pissed off and don't have anyone to blame. Usually done to the men that love them and try to treat them right.
by somebody October 17, 2003
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To bug, annoy, irritate. Making a big deal out of doing something small or asking to do something excessively getting more and more pissed off. Mostly done by women afraid to lose something or are insecure. Strains marriage and usually leads to divorce. Not an excuse for love or caring about the person.
Q: Bob why haven't you picked up the mail!!!!???
A: You've asked like 50 times woman, there's no mail delivery on Sunday! Stop nagging me, I want a divorce
by women cause divorce/cheating July 31, 2010
the act of motivation in a shrilly voice
Nagging your partner to get out of bed
by PennyLane1208 December 04, 2013
A word made up and used by men when a woman says something to him that he doesn't want to hear, or has an opinion that he doesn't like.
Her: can you get the washing in please, like I asked you to earlier
Him: oh stop nagging woman, I'm busy sitting on my ass reading the newspaper.
by A lovely me March 20, 2007
Complain, b---h, to give hell to someone.
Boss No. 2. Saints, please shut the hell up.

Boss No. 2. Okay, okay,I will kick that customer's ass for you, just be quiet and get back to work.
by Saints October 23, 2003
The constant babbleing of mostly Parents or gf
In other words bitchin
Logan just woke up and his mom is already nagging about something about not getting up on time.
by Littleriddle August 09, 2015

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