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same as ends, your manor is your area.
"what manor you from?"
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
96 32
Your home
We'll meet at my manor
by Cate October 03, 2003
50 22
A huge country-type house.

Smaller than a mansion, has that 'historical' quality.
Manors sound fun, I mean, really fun.
by coffeekid December 24, 2005
28 23
Short version nick name give to Manor Cycle Inc.
Hulk Hogan gets his Harley repaired at Manor.
by Soldier4Higher January 16, 2007
20 27
a boring ass shopping center in pathetica that is home to many useless shops including yet another safeway, an antique shop (wtf!?), walgreens, multiple pizza places, a pointless lame bar, strange little organic shops, nad multiple shops that no one ever goes into.
Person 1: What do you want to do?
Person 2: how about we go 2 manor?
person one: what are we gona do there?
person 2:.....
by monki13 January 23, 2010
7 17
The scruffiest high school in all of England located in friar park
dont go to that school its shite
by fsdyhg April 18, 2005
11 45