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Legs in the air, hands behind your back
Yea, I did that skank G-style last night
by P February 02, 2003
a somewhat new hood/set/gang in south st louis consisting of bloods. they have a history of beefin wit tha mob, gib, and several other crip gangs in st louis. they click wit tha cave and a few other blood gangs.
don't come to tha gib if u frum tha swat
by P January 05, 2007
blunt, joint, or cigarette dipped in embalming fluid
I don't smoke dips. Only weed and squares
by P June 16, 2006
A woman/girl (usually ugly) who is jealous of the fact that her friend gets dick, whilst she doesnt. thus she tries to block all cock directed at friend. the ugly bitch.
Susan stopped me from fucking helen because she was 'too close'
by p March 30, 2003
What Jay needs before he will stick his phatty slammer in her nice twat.
"If she had documentation I would fuck her"
by P November 24, 2003
To insult someone when usualy when they are walking down the road and the skanker is in a car.
I was walking home from the bar when someone called me a ball licker. He skanked me for no reason
by p July 01, 2003
Home of transparent stationery and just about anything see through for that matter. Common to UK high streets.
Didn't you always want a transparent toilet brush! Pop down to Muji.
by P October 22, 2004

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