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A suffix, often used by gangsters, used to cut off a word when one's brain cannot process words with greater than three syllables.
"Whack" is an onomatizzle.
by Vayate September 14, 2003
Language invented by Snoop Dog, used to utterly confuse everybody who isn't an urban black rapper.
White Person: So how are you doing today, black friend?
Black urbanite: OH, I'm fo schizzle my doggy bizzle... I hooked up with some hizzles and got some 40 ouncizzles and I'm going to fizzle those hizzles in their tight little vagizzles!
by BJman Hobbs April 30, 2004
Contrary to popular belief, Snoop Dogg was NOT the originator of the izzles, E-40 created it back in the mid-90's.
Fo shizzle mah nizzle!
by whatchoutalkinbout? February 18, 2004
Wannabe gangstas who are whiter than me flap their arms around while changing the end of every other word so it ends in izzle.. Sheer fucking genius really.
You da bomb fo shizzle..
by Wayne February 11, 2005
-izzle is something you add to the end of a word to sound ghetto fabulous. or stupid. whatever comes first.
yo my dizzle, we still on tonizzle?
(yo my dog, we still on tonight?)

fo shizzle my nizzle
(fo sho my nigga)
by fashizzle mcKibble June 19, 2003
see: izzle

Suffix often added following the first consonant of a word to increase the "coolness" of speech. "-izzle" can also be used to replace the last syllable of a word.

How the suffix functions with single syllable words beginning with a vowel (i.e.: up) is unknown.

Origin is said to be from popular African American rapper Snoop Dogg who decided to modify the current English language to increase its ability to convey thoughts, ideas, and expressions.
"Hey Mr. Dogg, open your Christmas present!"

"Oh yeah man, a 300 piece pizzle!"

"Why did you add -izzle to puzzle?"

"Shizzle *up* mizzle fizzle."
by 881 January 24, 2006
"Snoop says, the device first appeared publicly on the 1981 rap hit “Double Dutch Bus,” by Frankie Smith. "
"illz" to "izzle" see
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