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The only true method of determining the level of a relationship. A silence in new relationship, where two people are just getting to know each other, is awkward. The less you know the other person, trust them, love them, the more awkward the silence is. Vice versa, a comfortable silence will only happen once two people know each other, they can just sit quietly without the pressing urge to break it. Then the intimate silence; a silence that seems intentional, timed and rehearsed to a third party but is completely impromptu. This silence only happens when two people can simply loose themselves looking at each other. It can only be properly broken with a kiss or a “I love you.”
Phil: ...
Cass: ...
Phil: ...
Cass: So?
Phil: Yeah...
Mike: How are things with Mel?
John: Going well, we had a comfortable silence yesterday, always a good sign.
Elly: That was it?
Luke: Yep, that was it.
Elly: ...
Luke: ...
(30 seconds to 5 minutes later)
Luke: ...
Elly: ...
Luke: I love you.
by Imperion September 11, 2005
It tells the truth. That's why people hate it so much; because by having no other distraction you have to face the facts. The thoughts you always want to avoid are heard in the silence.
THAT'S why the Silence Treatment works so well.
by causeidontsayfck March 16, 2009
The sound made by wolves with rabies when they are outside your house waiting to come in and eat you. Also made by mountain lions and even emus.
And then the three little pigs heard the silence and they knew they were doomed.
by beejabeeja April 09, 2006
All the words in the world compressed into a small compact ball. If broken, the area will sound like nonsense.
It's to quiet and true in here, someone break the silence
by peter October 13, 2004
A very gullible canadian who falls for everyones tricks.
Quba: Silence, I can't make the match tonight, I have to go to the winter olympics. Silence: Are you serious? Im gonna go reschedule the match.
by Mike March 13, 2005
the silence that is understood all over our planet earth and beyond after the new day that seems to rise ...
the s'ilence of the lambs
playing species in a peacefull field

refering the old situation:
the silence of the lambs
the fear of anybody leading to gossip ... and all that comes from that "human pitfall"
by S'ace January 13, 2007
used when telling joyce to STFU!
dearest JOYCE: :]
dearest JOYCE: <3<#<#<#<##333
austin oneCHANG: SILENCE!
by JACKETY JACK March 06, 2007
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