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Someone who can't spell the word "abbreviation"
Like this is an abrevviation of neopets!
by P December 21, 2004
-Person who has leetness written all over him. Extreme succesfull in anything he does. A lot of people would kill themselves to be him.
-I'd love to be Tycu
-Man you're so Tycu (=man you're cool)
by P August 08, 2004
something you say to someone you haven't seen for a while or don't know too well to end a conversation.
Hey Jam! Haven't seen you since you and Sara broke up. What's up? We should do something sometime.
by p April 28, 2004
The guy off Tralior park boys
by p October 24, 2003
A beautiful, witty, intelligent, humble creature.
I love that Red and White Panda
by p February 17, 2005
A type of beer bottle with a long tapered thin neck at the top.
We drank beer from longnecks without using a glass.
by p June 30, 2003
rubbin her nubbin
by p June 06, 2003

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