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portsmouth = sk8 motha fukers
1-look at dat fukin sk8 overthere.
2-yeah he looks like a cunt
by p March 06, 2005
To fart in your hand when it is in a cuped shape then holding it under someones nose.
Lee- oi Si do u wanna cuppa?
Si- na man u fuckin stink.

P- m8 Lee cupped me the other day and i was sick.
by p March 06, 2005
Farting in to your hand while it is cupped so the smell dont get out then holding it over someones nose.
Lee. Oi si do u wanna cuppa?
Si. Na fuck off man it fuckin stinks.

P. m8 lee cupped me earlier and i was fuckin sick.
by p March 06, 2005
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