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59 definitions by p

The neighbour of the Beast.
Fuck off example bullshit.
by p March 08, 2005
40 54
A little Industrial town near Bath, darlin'
'Ello you three, im from Swindon, a little industrial town near Bath, which doesn't even have a Cathedral. Fair dues!
by p February 13, 2004
24 39
The Best damm country musician in history
When I get home I,m gonnan get drunk and play some hank.
by p July 07, 2003
26 42
When a half hour ago was too much, but yet the 'E', speed, 8 ball, five uppers, a case of beer, three bottles of vodka, and a few good spliffs stop by. Then maybe later down a few shrooms. At the end of this you will be fuckered for sure. If you don't understand what this is, then maybe you should stay that way. If you are still confused by this term- just read any work by the late great Hunter S Thompson. Yes folks, not all white motherfuckers grew up lame...
Man, I'm so fuckered right now... Pass the spliff...
by P April 07, 2005
5 27
1. Formally known as Wakefield School in The Plains. Used in replace of cracker, honky, whitey, etc.

2. Anything that smells like cheese.

3. Anything that is not cool.
"That is so wakefield!" describing something white.

"You smell like wakefield!" describing someone who smells like cheese.
by P December 15, 2003
30 58
a large amount of something. Extremely good.
Yo, that chronic is brollic.
That sac was brollic.
by P May 08, 2003
12 50