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a kappa wearing wee slut with a whole lot of attitude and about fifty bobbles in her hair and caked in orange make-up.

usual accessories are cigarettes, large circular dangly ear-rings, and a baby in her early teens, the father of which is an eternal mystery.

usually in every city but by different names, this refers to those in derry, ireland, mainly from the bog and galliagh areas amongst others.
oh my God that wee slut has slept with half the city, and shes wearing that tracky again, majella!

are ye fuckin startin, hi?!

whaddaboutye? hi!
by p November 15, 2003
Often confused with liquid PCP. Fluid that blunts or jays can be dipped into before smoked. These blunts or jays are called dips or sticks.
Chappelle's Show-
Tyrone Biggums: Can you kids say Marijuana?
Kids: Marijuana!
Tyrone: That's what we was smoking. Sometimes dipped in embalming fluids. And we was all giggling and eating up all the cookies. It was terrible!
by P June 16, 2006
A large shopping mall. Sometimes called a Hyperdome. A common habitat of the hippopotabeast.
"Let's go shopping at the Hippodrome"
by p January 11, 2005
Lizzle, slang for lighter, is derived from the latest boom in the izzle ideology and is often thrown around in a marijuana smoking situation.
Yo pass me the lizzle so i can smoke dis pizzle (pot)
by P June 03, 2004
To get fucked up.
To get high.
Shit son, my bitch and I smoked some chronic last night and got tizzled.
by p April 12, 2005
An alternative description for very large/fat ugly people, who wear 'Moo-Moos'. They like to hang out at thehippodrome.
do you really need one? See episode of The Simpsons when Homer is so fat he needs to wear a Moo-Moo. Homer is in this case a Hippopotabeast
by p December 15, 2005
A large shopping mall. Sometimes called a Hyperdome. A common habitat of the hippopotabeast.

May also be known as a Hippodrome
"Let's go shopping at the Hippodome"
by p January 13, 2005

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