14 definitions by op

group of people who take breaks and several lunches throughout the day.
the union told me i work to hard..
by op March 11, 2004
good friend
como esta pana!
by op October 20, 2003
stinky space between your asshole and your balls.
damn your taint smells like wet socks.
by op March 11, 2004
he has the monster
by op October 20, 2003
the testicle that is to the left of you when you look down.
my westicle has been hurtin me for a week now.
by op February 18, 2004
electric charge that is built up .
i rubbed my balls so much last night the static i built up lit my car on fire
by op March 10, 2004
Used as a bastardisation of the word "faggot" or "fagget". Means a homosexual, and is used as an insult on IRC and such.
<overpowering> ur all fegts
by OP September 24, 2003

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