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TV-show which features 2 gay men, a female interior designer and an egocentric woman. Good entertainment. Watched by millions worldwide. Will is hot.
Sorry, I can't come to the funeral, they're showing re-runs of Will & Grace.
by MadiZone November 01, 2003
A show based around the lives of an interior designer (Grace) and her gay best friend (Will). Also, their two friends; Karen and Jack. I love Will & Grace.....
Jack: That man is straight! And I can prove it because I know a girl who he made out with who can be here in 5 minutes, thats right, 5 minutes because she has no life!
by Biddy July 05, 2005
The best TV-show ever! The two main character are Will & Grace. Will is a gay lawyer. Grace is an interior designer. They are best friends.
Jack: Grace, if you weren't jewish you'd go to heaven.
Grace: jack if you weren't gay, you'd go to heaven, too.

-Will & Grace
by Khalid A Abdulla December 19, 2005
A phrase one might use to describe a gay male and his female best friend (fag hag).
A] "Do Rich and Nicole go out?"

B] "No, they're definately Will & Grace."
by Annee April 04, 2006
Two very important characteristics of a good leader.
President Truman was known for his strong will and the grace he displayed in social environments.
by Diggity Monkeez May 07, 2005
A show about four people who like the same gender.
The characters from Will & Grace all love dem boys.
by raspberry (lust) muffin September 14, 2005
when someone constantly nags and complains.
yo bitch. you gettin all Will and Grace on me again!
by op July 01, 2004
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