Spanish for "friend" or "pal"; used mainly by Latinos from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
"Oye mi pana lucha por amor!" -Aventura, "Ella Y Yo"
by nelscla August 16, 2006
Pana it is a venezuelan word that means buddy, pal etc. it is short for panaderia witch means bakery.

After the world war 2 lots of italian, spanish, portoguese and some french moved to Venezuela. As a business lot of them opened french/portuguese type bakeries (panaderias) where people besides buying bread they could sit and have coffee, eat french pastries, etc. People would hang in the bakeries so, in the 1950's friends hanging around bakeries would say hi by saying, Que paso panaderia! (What's up buddy).

Later in the 1960's and 70's the new generation started cutting the word down to pana so instead of Que paso panaderia! They would say Que paso pana!

And then in the lates 70's and early 1980's thanks to the big soapopera venezuelan business witch exported so many crappy soapoperas to latin american countries words like pana, chamo, burda, malandro started being used by most of the latinamerican countries.
Que paso panaderia=Que paso pana= wot up man!
by Tein November 07, 2012
A derriere that is decribed to look like a kitchen impliment most commonly known as a pan.
She's got a right Panas!
by Charlotte who is hot. April 11, 2007
Spanish For Friend , Buddy ,

Mostly Used In Latin American Countries Like Colombia , (:

Another Word For "Pana" Is "Parce" Or " Parcero "
Wats Up My Pana !

Eyyy My Pana Hows It Goinq !
by Cookieeeeeeeee July 20, 2010
Greek word for diaper
Linda you have to change Dominique's pana, I think she had an accident.
by John Jimbles July 16, 2008
a great grass cutter who does his job really well
that guy could cut the grass so well, he was almost as good as pana
by John Lestmaner April 12, 2008
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