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58 definitions by mick

Big Gay Pineapple
See that fella down the street, he's one fine Babybird
by Mick March 23, 2003
A person brought up in an awseome town. They usually kick ass at everything they do.
Man, I suck at life! I wish I could be a Webo.
by mick November 15, 2004
This Canadian guy I know who is really funny and has cool 80's hair.

HAcoreRD is a hypocrite for calling Crow an RO addict, as HAcoreRD never leaves his PC table....

Crow is also known for his extremely funny flash film featuring HAcoreRD
Crow looks like David Schwimmer.
by Mick March 20, 2004
a mentally retarded person
Look at that noobie, he's such a funone!
by Mick January 09, 2004
A so-called institute of learning. Basically a place to go for people who don't want to work but aren't smart enough to attend a real university. Densely populated by GAA heads and the like.
Fuck it mammy, i didn't get into queen's, i suppose i'll have to go to j town instead.
by Mick April 18, 2005
To purposely do sweet F A, fill in time, drag out a day at work.
lets jus mange,
What are yous doin? jus mangin'
by Mick June 15, 2006
A person (usually a girl) with a: hot ass, ugly face
Damn, she looked fine. But when she turned around, I was dissappointed to she that she was a HAUF.
by mick November 20, 2004