It's that little sound it makes when you load a gun or rifle.
I cocked my gun and was ready for action.
by Rockerone April 17, 2004
Cocked means when your drunk -more than the average Fucked-Up person.

Symptoms include:

- Eyes as red as tomatoes. aka: Cocked Eyes

- Talking beyond stupid.

- Tripping over furniture AND PEOPLE.

- Bipolar emotions (Love your friends, then

five mins later you hate them).

- Hammering headache/ feel like crap type

of hangover.
Boy 1- "Man your trippin badly"
Victim- "I feel like crap =\"
Boy 2- "You were so wasted at that party"
Girl - "Nah. He was cocked out of his mind. He had all the familiar symptoms of it"

by King of Krack-Kookies ! December 05, 2009
The education of those unfamiliar with the ways of cock. Generally administered in over funded public schools.
"Dude, Laura tried to suck my dick last night, but she got my ear instead. She must've flunked Cock Ed."
by Dr. Dee Jay Flaccid March 10, 2008
Having had intercourse.
Girl, I got cocked so good last night.

I'm in the mood to get cocked.
by Bodhi2013 December 21, 2013
when your on Chatroulette, and the next camera you go to is on of a cock, hence you got cocked
I hate chatroulette, i got fucking cocked like 10 times today
by Otakuphi June 19, 2011
(used as a verb)

To surprise a un-suspected person with a view of your penis/cock/member/wang,etc.
|individual to be cocked|
(occupied by some other task) la la la.....

(Watching TV with penis exposed) " OMG come here quick ... look who's on TV"

|individual to be cocked|
(comes rushing over) "Eeeeks !!! I see your penis !!!"

|prankster| " Hahahaha, I cocked yeh "

*Also works via MMS txt & email
by Sir WRozza July 10, 2009
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