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40 definitions by meadow soprano

a person with absolutely no self esteem
After years of a love/hate relationship with her boyfriend, she was convinced that no one else would ever love her....his abuse turned her to lint
by meadow soprano September 03, 2005
258 82
using lies to manipulate people in your life, just to get what you want
Allen wanted everyone to feel sorry for him when his best friends and lover cut him out of their lives, but they were sick of his lynipulation, and his need to control
by meadow soprano September 01, 2005
219 50
the inability to maintain being your authentic self for any significant length of time
Steve would always apologize for his horrific behavior and and would confess "deep dark secrets", but within days returned to his lying and manipulative ways......
by Meadow Soprano August 04, 2005
235 72
a hairless pussy.......bald as a baby
what do you prefer......just a wax, or go for the gunche?
by meadow soprano August 02, 2005
245 82
combination of huge and enormous
J had been deluding himself for so long, that his ego became hunormous
by meadow soprano September 05, 2005
232 71
a friend who always has drama in his/her life; who gets pissed at friends over stupid things and is ALWAYS mad and talking shit about someone
S would always be aggravated at one of her friends, keeping them on some sort of "probation".....what a high maintenance friend- that's why I had to drop her
by Meadow Soprano October 22, 2005
192 38
someone who uses technology to stalk people.....i.e. stealing passwords to read email, lurking
Even though they had broken up, the technostalker still spied on her, by reading her email...and she was clueless.
by meadow soprano September 25, 2005
236 97