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40 definitions by meadow soprano

Head Up Your Ass Syndrome....an affliction that most Americans seem to have lately.....
She was talking on her cell while driving, so she almost ran over a pedestrian, and then took up 2 parking spots.....she definitely has H.U.Y.A.S.
by meadow soprano December 05, 2005
when someone thinks they are owed something by life; they should get things just because they are who they are
I still can't get over the hissy fit she threw over having to drive herself to the party- what a sense of entitlement- her ego is hunormous
by Meadow Soprano October 18, 2005
when parents don't let their children do anything, and are afraid of everything in the world, because their baby might catch a cold, or fall down, etc.
The mother absoultely FREAKED OUT when another toddler grabbed her child's juice box. "Dont't drink that!!!" she screamed.
She is suffering from a severe case of parentnoia.
by meadow soprano September 29, 2007
cellulite on celebrities
I love when Star Magazine does it's annual "Celebs with Cellulite" Issue...I think they should call it the "Celebulite Issue"
by meadow soprano April 26, 2006
The actual flavor of protein shakes or bars that claim to be chocolate.
I bought a Protein shake that said it was chocolate flavored, but it really tasted like chalkolate.
by meadow soprano October 30, 2009
when you are weary of someone's good natured actions; to not wholeheartedly believe
Even though you appear to be doing a good thing, I will always be skeptical of your behavior
by meadow soprano February 16, 2006
the act of looking for someone on UD that you suspect is submitting words about you
J spends his days playing UrbANDseek looking for those who have bid him good riddance...what a psycho
by meadow soprano November 15, 2005