1) Totally unfounded, not credible, or ridiculous...usually refers to something somebody just said.
2) Having a large amount of fecal matter in your body, usually necessitating a dump.
Eric: "...so I told the Olsen twins I wasn't in the mood, because you know, I can do better. Then a couple minutes later I ran into the Hilton sisters and scored a threesome. It was just like in the video, dude, I swear."
Stan: "Man you're so full of shit, your eyes are brown."
Eric: "Yeah, I guess you're right, I really need to drop a massive deuce in the john."
by Nick D July 14, 2004
adj. phrase
1)The quality of making spurious or exaggerated claims
2) Deceitful or dishonest
3) Glenn Beck
"Did you hear Glenn Beck expounding upon the subject of free health care? He contends that the pursuance of this policy is apt to lead to Soviet-style gulags."

"That gentleman is full of shit."

"Quite so."
by penguinboy562 July 06, 2012
adj. phrase

1) Someone or something that is full of fecal matter.

2) Someone who deceives or lies by means of syntax coercion; often pathologically.
Dual Interpretation (1, 2)

If that charlatan was given an enema, he would've been buried in a matchbox (full of shit).
by Shtix March 16, 2014
a slang name for the city of Fullerton located in Orange County, California

Hated by Anaheim
When i stepped over the Anaheim/Fullerton border, i just felt like i am fullofshit and want to kill myself for being in that god awful place.
by Anaheim Bitches June 07, 2009
I am Full of shit, talking a load of crap, lies ,makes up own accout of things, to try to look good.
David More from Macclesfield ,is very good at this, I'v never heared so much crap in my life.
I am Full of shit, talking a load of crap, lies ,makes up own accout of things, to try to look good.
by dave more December 15, 2007

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