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40 definitions by meadow soprano

people who are ugly, yet have attitude that they are hot.
Rumer Willis is smugly- the girl thinks she is the hottest thing to walk the planet!
by meadow soprano August 01, 2008
combination of Hoochie Mama, and Whore
Shauna Sand is a perfect example of a Whorchie....just look at her!
by meadow soprano July 10, 2008
Having dessert for dinner.
I had ice cream and brownies tonight instead of a regular dinner- it was dinnert!
by meadow soprano May 02, 2013
An orgasm that has not been released for a long time.
I've climaxed a few times with you, but they were little- this one was huge! It was a storegasm!
by meadow soprano March 17, 2011
someone who has gone through puberty
John wanted to act like a little kid, but his parents expected more from him, since he had already been pubertized.
by meadow soprano July 30, 2013