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Common place, everyone doing it, conformity.
"Those Cloggs are so pedestrian."
by Smokey Joe February 21, 2004
Is just another word for speed bump.
Abandon All Ships-Pedestrian is just another word for speed bump now called take one last breath.
by ghillie suit May 04, 2011
A political or religious belief.... maybe in the middle of the road or just don't give a F**K! A great answer when someone asks what political or religious belief are you... just say PEDESTRIAN!
I am a liberal, conservative pedestrian who is not affiliated with a religion, however I celeberate all of the Christian, Jewish, Muslem and other such holidays in order to get cool gifts and to get drunk!
by d0c August 12, 2006
An insult applied to people who do something stupid or senseless.
I can't believe you shot him, you pedestrian!
by Connor Devine September 17, 2004
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