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40 definitions by meadow soprano

Someone who gets drunk and has sex with many people.....often
Tara Reid and Paris Hilton are perfect examples of someone who is an alcowhoric
by meadow soprano October 09, 2005
167 39
when a man is gay, but refuses to acknowledge it
Jeff loves to suck dinky, as well as take it up the butt- but profusely dink-nies that he is gay
by meadow soprano August 02, 2005
245 117
when it looks like it is raining, but you aren't getting wet
As I stood outside, it looked as if it were raining...but I wasn't getting wet- it can only be evaporain
by Meadow Soprano October 23, 2005
151 30
a sandwich without bread
I wanted the turkey sandwich without bread, so I ordered it as a nonwich
by meadow soprano October 02, 2005
177 60
When a person manages to stay angry throughout their life- no matter which direction it is taking
No matter how her life is going, she is always pissed off! She's a case of anger management, if I've ever heard one.....
by meadow soprano November 16, 2005
232 119
when you post a word on UD, but then change your mind and would like to remove it
After I submitted one or two words, I suffered from poster's remorse- now I'd like to remove them and I don't know how
by meadow soprano November 08, 2005
173 68
when someone just keeps running in circles (and making the same mistakes) in their life, instead of progressing
I thought when you "moved on" , everything would change....but I can see you are still on the hamster wheel-NOTHING has.
by meadow soprano November 16, 2005
134 30